Can I Wear My Hearing Aids In The Rain?

Can I wear my hearing aids in the rain?  This question is asked at almost every hearing aid fitting, especially as we start talking about how harmful moisture can be to hearing aids.  Hearing aids are electronic devices and can certainly be damaged when moisture gets inside the case where the electronics are housed.   Fortunately, many hearing aids today offer some sort of  “water resistance” which helps to repel moisture and protect the hearing aid from splashes.  One manufacturer even offers a “water proof” hearing aid which allows for continuous immersion in water. 

So, can hearing aids be worn in the rain?   If you’re standing outside in a downpour for some reason (maybe you are golfing), it would be better to take your hearing aids out.   But as long as it’s a light rain and you are going from point A to point B (maybe walking from your car in a parking lot into a place of business wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella), you should be able to wear your hearing aids. 

Talk to your audiologist to learn more about water-resistant and water-proof hearing aids.  For more information on the topic, please read Heather’s blog about Missouri humidity and hearing aids.