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Definition of a Copay

A copay is a fixed amount you pay for a health care service such as a physician’s office, hospital, or  prescription.  This amount is set by the insurance company and not by the physician's office. A copay can vary by the type of service or specialty of the physician.
For example, a doctor’s office visit might have a copay of $30.00 and a specialist’s office visit might have a copay of $50. The copay for an emergency room visit will usually cost more.

The physicians at Midwest ENT Centre are considered specialists and copays are due and collected on the day of appointment.

Billing Questions:

If you have a billing question please call our office at 636-441-3100, or send a note through our secure Patient Portal (you will need to sign up and activate your portal account first to use this feature or to be able to pay your bill online).

Each physician has a dedicated Patient Account Specialist as follows:

Dr. J. Michael Conoyer  –  Joyce  (Ext. 269)
Dr. Karen Boone  –  Kat  (Ext. 270)
Dr. Robert MacDonald  –  Brenda  (Ext. 272)
Dr. Martin Willman  –  Tanya  (Ext. 267)
Dr. Matthew Conoyer  –  Donna  (Ext. 266)
Dr. Benjamen Conoyer   –  Joyce  (Ext. 269)