Nasal Fractures St. Peters, Missouri

Doctor Treating Nasal FractureTrauma to the nose is very common. Sports-related injuries, car accidents and falls are some of the more frequent causes. The nose often bleeds when it’s broken and such bleeding usually stops on its own. Signs of a broken nose include feeling a hard bump or “step-off” along the top of the nose, finding that the nasal bones are moveable, or if the shape of the nose has changed significantly. Many nasal fractures will not require surgery. The two most common reason to proceed with surgical repair of a broken nose are airflow obstruction and/or significant cosmetic change to the appearance of the nose.

It is reasonable to wait a couple of days to allow swelling to go down before deciding if something should be done about an injured nose. There is often swelling that makes it difficult to tell if the bony structure of the nose has changed. However, if a nose is grossly out of place, call Midwest ENT right away. Waiting too long can allow the bones to start to heal and make the nasal fracture more difficult to correct.

Another reason to have a broken nose repaired has to do with nasal airflow obstruction. Swelling and blood in the nose may make it difficult to breathing through a nose even if there is no fracture. If nasal obstruction lasts more than a few days, have it checked by one of the physicians at Midwest ENT. Again, it’s easier to straighten the nose before it fully heals. To see our other nose services, click here!